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  • Hot Tub

  • Pool (within walking distance)

  • Cable TV

  • Air Conditioning/Heat

  • Kitchenettes

  • Wi-Fi

  • Deck or Covered Porch

  • View of Down Town Custer

  • Charcoal Grills


  • You must cancel your stay before 10 days of your intended arrival.

  • If not, you are financially responsible for any nights, within your reservation, that we are not able to rebook.

  • We require a valid credit card or debit card to make a reservation.

  • Your card will be charged the daily rate (not the discounted Extended Stay Rate).

Pet's - Dogs Only

Most dogs are welcome at the Shady Rest Motel, however because not everyone enjoys our canine guests in the same way, we enforce the following Pet Policy:

  • Pets are not allowed to be left in the cabins without their owners.

  • Pet owners are responsible for damages caused by their pets.

  • Animals that shed are not allowed on any of the furniture.

  • All solid pet waste must be disposed of in the outdoor garbage receptacles.

  • There is an extra nightly charge of $10/dog. ​

  • There are to be no more than two pets per cabin.

  • We are unable to accept cats or other animals at this time.

  • We are confident that those who travel with their dogs are responsible people and that their pets will be well-behaved.  However, if there is any abuse of our cabins, property, or the enjoyment of our other guests, we reserve the right to resolve the issue however we best see fit.

General Remarks

  • Please be aware that all of our cabins have steps leading up to them. Some units have fewer stairs than others. It is best to let us know if you have accessibility issues so that we can match you to the cabin with easiest access for you.

  • Also, the kitchenettes in each of the units are equipped with basic cookware and table settings, as well as a dedicated charcoal grill and grilling implements.  If you need additional options for cooking, in addition to what is stocked in your cabin, we are happy to try to accommodate your requests and to provide the requested item/s. 

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